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Creativity without strategy is art.

Creative with strategy is marketing.”

Who We Are

m.designs is a small full-service Marketing and Design agency started by Michael Hillerman in 2003.

After spending six years working as the Lead Designer and Creative Director for the renowned motivational speaker and life coach Anthony Robbins, Michael struck out on his own and founded m.designs in North San Diego County.

Specializing in small business in need of brand identity, innovative marketing strategy, and eye-catching graphics, m.designs is here to help you reach your business goals.

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Our Work

Every project is unique, but they all start with one thing in common. We want to know everything.

Where you started. Where you want to go next. What you value. Who your customers are and why they care about you.

The only way to solve a problem is to understand it from every angle.

Our Work

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It’s a competitive world out there, and making a good first impression is vital to communicating your objectives and establishing relationships with prospective clients.

That’s why developing professional images and eye-catching materials is an essential part of an effective marketing strategy.

Our design team works collaboratively to give your company an eye-catching brand to put you ahead of your competitors.

From logos to print work to packaging, we deliver inspired, effective, intelligent work for your brand.

From the Nike Swoosh to Apple’s apple, the logo is a visual first impression for your brand. We’ve perfected the process of building unforgettable logos and branding.

Whether they admit it or not, people do judge books by their cover and products by their package. We can help you make a great first impression and be memorable.

Whether it’s for a magazine, trade show, or billboard, creative design plays a vital role in your advertising strategy, and we can create ads that speak for you.

We’ll make sure your online presence communicates your message, engages your audience, and convinces your customers to return.

Don’t underestimate the importance of business cards and letterhead when building your corporate identity. A little card says big things.

Whether you’re making a big pitch to land a new client, managing a training or leading a seminar, we’ll make your information impactful and visually compelling.

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